Welcome to the Home Counties Cocker Club

The Home Counties Cocker Club was first founded in 1948. The aim of the club today is to give help and advice on all aspects of Cocker spaniels both in the show ring and at home.

We wish you all success in the ring but please remember that you come with the best dog and you go home with the best dog. It is a hobby that can be very rewarding for all the family.

As a club we strongly endorse the Kennel Club and the Breed Council on the Code of Ethics and we would like to direct you to the our web page on Code of Ethics on breeding.
We would like to encourage all owners who have a health problem with their dog or have had a problems to visit the Breed Council website to view their details on Health Schemes.
There is a positive drive to improve the health of the breed and there is an important Health Questionnaire on the Breed Council's website that we encourage Cocker owners to completed where there is known health problem(s) and this will be treated in STRICT CONFIDENCE!

Dogs in hot cars

The Kennel Club would like to remind people about the affects on dogs during the summer so please take time to view the clip on YouTube here.

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