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November 2009 Open Show Critique:
Judge - Mr David Bell [Balintyne]


My thanks to the committee and the hard working secretary for a most enjoyable day and super hospitality.


M Puppy D or B 1;

1st Pretty & Carpenter Totenkopf Slave of Love; Young puppy well up to size, has good ribs, lovely bone. A little plain in expression at the moment, but has a kind eye of correct colour

Puppy D or B 2(1);

1st Walker Cardamine Happy Ever After A little overawed by the occasion. Well angulated in front, had the sweetest of heads with good length of foreface.

Junior D or B 6;

1st Pearce Miska Kay Sera Sera Sweet headed Black bitch, parallel plains, good depth of muzzle, lovely ribs and loin, moved freely
2nd Driver Beckaby Lunar Shadow Blue dog, not so positive on the move. Has a balanced head, good ribs, short back, stood on lovely legs and feet
3rdSimmonds Lujesa Dolce Fiore for Keladity

Yearling D or B 6;

1st Hartnett Glenntree Grenadier Black with good balance. Sweet head of correct proportions, deep chest, good angulation front and rear. Would benefit from better presentation and handling. Not the soundness of movement of winner, also preferred the refinement in head. Has good depth of chest and firm topline
2ndPretty & Carpenter Totenkopf Pure Moonlight
3rdHutson Moonwood Pirate King

Maiden D or B 6(1);

1st Telford Courtmaster Hellsapoppin Lovely Blue bitch from all angles. Just missed out on maturity to BIS winner. Excelled in neck and shoulder, dep well sprung ribs, short and firm in loin, sweeping stifle, no hint of exaggeration RBISour square, good neck and shoulders with deep well sprung ribs presentation was A1 and considered her well for RBIS
2ndWard Wensum Girls Aloud Black Bitch with super body, just 12 months on the day. Close up to winner but felt 1. scored in lay back of shoulder BPIS
3rdWorgan Charbonnel Swedish Warrior

Novice Dog 8(2);

1st Ward Wensum Razorlight Red dog who had lovely square ouline with great depth and balance. Lovely finish to croup, deep chest and spring of rib. Would prefer better feet
2ndTelford Courtmaster King of Swing Loved his outline, lovely head, neck and shoulder. Unsettled on the move
3rdHarris Melgrove Carbon Copy

Novice Bitch 7(3);

1st Ward Wensum Girls Aloud
2ndWalker Carmadine Mingles Chocolate Roan. Had lovely ribs and depth. A joy to see her lovely cockery tail action
3rdPhillips & Lane Fourtails Foxy Lady

Debutant D or B 5(1);

1st Pretty & Carpenter Totenkopf War Games for Joaldy liked the overall balance of this Black Boy. Stood on good legs and feet, well muscled hindquarters giving sound movement maintaining topline on the move
2ndWard Wensum Razorlight
3rdHartnett Glenntree Grenadier

Graduate Dog 9(4);

1stWorgan Rayol Dark Legend at Luthame Black in full coat, good neck, deep chest. Felt he was a little tied in his front movement.
2ndHartnett Glenntree Grenadier
3rdPilkington Black Runer at Brimbeck

Post Grad Dog 3;

1st Rofe Castansa Top Hat N` Tails Dark Blue.lovely on the move. Good ribs, legs and feet. Sweet head and expression with kind eye
2ndWalker Carmadine Chocolate Coin Preferred the head of winner, but again a good mover. Good body properties
3rdKidd Carmadine Bright Destiny

Post Grad Bitch 3(1);

1st Height Citronette Alaskan Glory at Fourtails Good spring of rib, sweet expression and free movement
2ndHarris Roseaday Ruby Tuesday with Melgrove Had lovely neck and shoulder angulation. Preferred winner over croup and on the move

Limit Dog 3(1);

1st Driver Courtmaster Totem by Beckaby Liked the outline on this Blue Dog. Has super neck and shoulder, with straight front completing a nice front assembly. Lovely head and finish to muzzle
2nd Harris Roseaday Rocket Man to Melgrove A little wider in front than I like, but has good ribs and lay of shoulder

Open Dog 6(3);

1st Ellis Shannara Leap of Faith Looked super on the day, beautiful balance, clean over neck and shoulder. Lovely head, no hint of courseness, parallel planes, low set ears, moved steadily to BIS
2ndWard Wensum Blues and Two`s Another sound dog. A little heavier in head, but had super body and sound free striding movement
3rdRofe Roanri Beau Spirit

Open Bitch 2(1);

1st Driver Springstein Stars Delight at Beckaby Deep well ribbed with good finish to muzzle and pleasing expression, free mover

Veteran Dog 1;

1st Pretty & Carpenter Zakova Blue Print for Ruphill what a super moving 9 year old. Has the sweetest of heads, good ribs and well boned with neat fet

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